MEZE PLATTER TO SHARE: FOR 2 – £15.95, FOR 4 – £26.95
3 Hot & 3 Cold Mezes of the chef’s choice (does not include items from The Grill)

Mixed Olives with Homemade Bread (v)
Mixed Olives in Olive Oil and Herbs
£5.95 Stuffed Vine Leaves (v)(vg)
Vine leaves wrapped around a filling
of savoury rice
Hummus (v) (vg)
A blend of chick peas in sesame sauce with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice
£5.95 Turkish Chorizo
Chorizo pan fried with tomatoes, peppers and onions
Baba Ganoush (vg)
Smoky aubergines mixed with tahini, mint cracked wheat served with tomato and olive oil
£5.95 Falafel (v)(vg)
Traditional chickpea balls, lightly fried with hummus on the side
Spicy Potatoes (v) (vg)
Fried potatoes with chillies and herbs
£5.95 Halloumi (v)
Pan fried cheese
Tabbouleh (v) (vg)
Freshly diced tomato, cucumber, parsley, cracked wheat, olive oil and lemon juice
£5.95 Piri Piri Chicken Wings
Chicken wings marinated in Piri Piri sauce



Falafa Laffa (v)
Falafel, salad, gherkin and hummus in a wrap with fries and a dip
£10.95 Roasted Vegetable Wrap (v)
Served on a toasted wrap with summer veggies, hummus and with fries and a dip
Stuffed Peppers (v)
Peppers stuffed with tomato rice, Mediterranean spices and topped with cheese and fresh salad
£10.95 Aubergine Stew (v)(vg)
Spiced stew with roasted aubergine, served with rice and salad
Vegetable Moussaka (v)
Made from sliced aubergine and tomatoes cooked in an oven served with fresh salad
£10.95 Halloumi Kebab (v)
Char-grilled Halloumi with mixed vegetables, rice and sauce


All served with rice, bread, salad and sauces

SULTAN’S MIXED GRILL: FOR 2 – £45.95, FOR 4 – £85.00
Kofte, Chicken Wings, Chicken Jeejay, Chicken Shish, Chicken Thigh, Lamb Shish, Lamb Chops

Chicken Shish Kebab
Marinated Chicken breast chunks served on a skewer and cooked on a charcoal grill

Lamb Chops
Juicy, succulent lamb chops cooked on a charcoal grill

Chicken Jeejay Kebab
Chicken marinated in saffron cooked with tomatoes and mushrooms
£16.95 Seabass
Served with Mediterranean-inspired sauce made from tomatoes, fennel and olives.
Chicken Kofte
Skewers of Minced chicken with herbs and spices cooked on a charcoal grill
£16.95 Mixed Grill for 1
1 skewer lamb kofte, 2 pieces chicken shish, 2 pieces chicken jeejay, 2 pieces lamb shish and 1 lamb chop
Lamb Kofte
Skewers of Minced Lamb with herbs and spices cooked on a charcoal grill
£17.95 Jumbo King Prawns x4
Served with parsley, cherry tomatoes and olive oil, served on a bed of rice
Adana Kebab
Skewers of spicy minced lamb with herbs and spices cooked on a charcoal grill
£17.95 Iskender Kebab (slightly spicy)
Served on a flat bread covered with special sauce and flavoured with butter, mint and yoghurt
Chicken Shish £18.95
Lamb Shish £19.95
Lamb Kofte £19.95
Mix Chicken & Lamb Kofte £22.95
Lamb Shish
Skewers of cubed lamb cooked on a charcoal grill




Margherita (v)
Mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce
£10.95 Polio Fiesta
Tomato, mozzarella, chicken breast strips, salsa, onions, olives, sour cream, pizza sauce
Mozzarella, beef chorizo, pepperoni and pizza sauce
£12.95 Roasted Veg (v)
Roasted peppers, onions, Italian herbs, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce
Turkey ham, pineapple and pizza sauce
£12.95 Mighty Meaty
Chicken, beef chorizo, spicy beef, mozzarella, pizza sauce
Spicy Lamb
Spicy minced lamb, onions, mozzarella, pizza sauce
£12.95 Piri Piri Chicken
Piri Piri chicken, onions and pizza sauce
Calzone Vesuvio
Chicken, lamb, mushrooms, pepper and onions
£13.95 Spicy Chicken Calzone
Spicy Chicken, onions, mushrooms and peppers


Fries (v)(vg) £4.95 Potato Wedges (v)(vg) £3.95
Halloumi Fries (v) £4.95 Side Salad (v) (vg) £3.95
Sweet Potato Fries (v)(vg) £4.95